The music player that thinks in albums

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Playa is not (just) a player that reproduces .mp3 files.
It is an idea that grew inside me since I started listening to music, and became obsessed with media taxonomy.

I want my playlists not to be a mess of 01_inconsistently_named-tracks, I want them to tell a story.

Latest news from devblog

End to End Testing

This week I focused mostly on end to end testing (e2e from now on). I am fairly new to e2e, as I usually never adventures myself outside of the green pastures of unit and integration.

How Playa stores data

We all love a slick user interface that incarnates the zeitgeist, but without a well structured persistence layer it is of no use. Here I will give an overview of how I tried to make up for the lack of total outward slickness with sound invisible choices.

Dev environment

In this post I give an overview of the app infrastructure and the tasks I run in the development environment, from watching to testing to the build step.

Testing Playa

I have to be honest: I seldom tested my applications, at least not thoroughly. This time I wanted not only to strive for good coverage, but to use a test-first approach, at least for when the prototype reached an usable level.

The React/Redux architecture

Many practices flourished in the React ecosystems, addressing from project files hierarchy to where and how store the app state, to components styles. Here are my choices in regard.